Apple announces the new iMac and it is a Miracle: Sharpest Display, but uses less Power

Apple has announced the new iMac, and it is pretty amazing, especially that Display.

It has a 27 Inch 5210×2880 Pixel Display, which makes it a 5K Display, which makes it the sharpest Display currently in the Market. No one else is making a Display with such a high Resolution.

It has 7X more Pixels than a HD Display and 67% more Pixels than 4K. Yes, you heard that right: It is much sharper than even 4K.

There is a custom Controller for controlling the Display, and it allows in 4x more Bandwidth. The back-light now uses less energy and with the help of some nifty power saving techniques, the Display uses 30% less Energy than before, despite having tons more pixels.

And that is not the only incredible Feat. Apple has managed to trim down the edges to only 5mm.

Underneath, for starters, is a 3.5 Ghz Quad-Core i5 Processor which can be upgraded to a 4 Ghz i7 one. Handling the Graphical Side are some beefy Radeon R9s.

You get 8GB RAM to begin with, which you can choose to upgrade.

There is Thunderbolt 2, and you get a 1TB Fusion Drive even on the Base Version.

It starts at $2499, which is pretty steep, but we will give anything for that Display.



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