Apple announces the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3

iPad Sales are slowing down and with the onslaught on Tablets from every side, Apple ought to do something.

And it has. It has announces the iPad Air 2, and it is the thinnest Tablet ever, and boy it is thin at 6.1mm.

It also has a Laminated Screen. And now, there are no air gaps between any of the Display Components. This improves Sunlight Visibility, and on top of that, Apple has put in an Anti-Reflective Coating, reducing reflections by upto 56%.

Underneath is an A8X Processor, which is basically a faster version of the one found in the iPhone 6. It is 40% Faster in CPU Performance and 2.5X GPU Performance.

It, as always, has excellent Battery Life, with it being pegged at 10 Hours with Normal Usage.

And for those poor souls who take pictures with their iPads, Apple has got something for you. The new iPad has a much better 8MP iSight Camera which can take 1080p Video and 43MP Panoramas.

It also can take Slow-Motion Video. Images are processed by an in-house Digital Signal Processor.

The front Camera too has improved, with improved Face Detection, Burst Mode, Single Shot HDR and HDR Videos.

The WiFi Chip has been upgraded to the WiFI ac standard. It has MIMO (Multiple In Multiple Out) for improved Speeds too.

It also has Touch ID, previously only found on the iPhone.

Apple showcased some Photo Editing and Video Editing Apps at the Event, which benefited from the improved GPU Performance and the new Metal Framework in iOS 8.

Apple also has announced the iPad Mini 3, which has a 7.9 Inch Display with a Resolution of 2048×1536 Pixels. It essentially is the same as the iPad Air 2, only Smaller.

The iPad  Air 2. starts at a Price of $499, while the iPad Mini 3 starts from $399



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