Android Lollipop Flappy Bird Easter Egg

A new Android Lollipop Preview is here, and it has a Flappy Bird Game as its Easter Egg

Android Lollipop brought about some of the biggest changes in the Platform’s History, and it also became the first Android Version which had a Preview Version Released before the Consumer Version releases.

Google has updated its Android Lollipop (Earlier called Android L) Preview, and this one packs an interesting Easter Egg. While previous Versions of Android packed in non-interactive Easter Eggs, Google has gone all out on this one.

It is basically a Flappy Bird Clone, where the Android Mascot flies with Lollipops blocking its Way. If you want to get addicted to Flappy Bird all over again, then here are the steps, from Android Police:

“To access this little, um, gem, just jump into Settings > About > and tap-tap-taparoo on the Android version a few times. You’ll get a nice big Lollipop on the screen, which you can tap to change colors. Once you’ve cycled through a few colors, drag across the ‘pop to highlight it, and suddenly you’ll be transported to a magical world of flying bugdroids, oversized lollipops, and rage.”.

We think that it is interesting to see Google experimenting with Easter Eggs and making them more interactive. What about you?Ready  for another round of Flappy Bird?



One thought on “A new Android Lollipop Preview is here, and it has a Flappy Bird Game as its Easter Egg”

  1. Nice Looks cool! I want to share wearable game. In Deadly Spikes wear game, your objective is to simply bounce off of the walls as many times as you can just to ensure you will not die by mean of touching the spikes.
    The gameplay is simple. Just keep tapping the screen to move the bird upwards, it comes downwards with gravity. You may also collect candy during the game to earn more points. Keep your bird alive as long as possible while avoiding spikes in order to achieve a high score.


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