Fitbit Surge Leak- Inbuilt GPS, Heartrate Tracking

Leak: The Fitbit Surge will be a Runner’s Dream come True

Currently there are two types of Wearables in the Market: Fitness Trackers and Smartwatches. Many manufacturers are attempting to converge the two, with examples being the Razer Nabu and Garmin’s Vivosmart.

It seems that Fitbit too is looking to get in the game, as according to a leaked Image by The Verge, Fitbit has a new Wearable ready for us, and it has several features that could very well make it the runner’s Dream come true.

First off, it will have in-Built GPS, so no more relying on your Smartphone to track your exact Distance. You can also get real-time Stats such as distance, pace, elevation, etc.  It also has a built in Heart-Rate tracker.

It monitors your activities 24×7, and can also track your Sleep, to see how soundly you are sleeping.

Coming to the Smartwatch Capabilities, you can control Music Playback and also receive some basic Notifications from your Smartphone.

It will come in three colors: Black, Slate and Tangerine. We don’t have any details on the Price, but the Surge looks to be one pretty exciting Wearable.

What are your Thoughts on the Surge? Fancy buying one?



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