Google Security Key- Log into Account using USB Key

You can now log into Gmail just by plugging in an USB Key

Passwords are hard to remember, and even if you have the most cryptic Password, your Account can be hacked by a multitude of different methods.

Passwords are inherently insecure and inconvenient, and so Two Step Authentication came into being, which basically meant that a Device you chose, that your carried all the time, will become the Key to accessing your Account, and so your won’t have to remember a Password.

And now, instead of your Phone, you can now just take up a USB Drive lying around and make it your Key for logging into Gmail. Well, not any USB Drive exactly, only the ones that are compatible with FIDO U2F (Universal 2nd Factor).

And you can log into other Sites too, provided that they support FIDO U2F.

Currently, the Security Key only works with Chrome 38 and above, but we may expect support from other Browsers soon.

Throw away your Passwords and grab your Security Keys. We are entering a new age…


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