Bowen & Wilkins announce the T7: A Bluetooth Speaker made for Audiophiles

Mention Bluetooth Speakers and Audiophiles will scowl at you, and will start raving about Bluetooth leading to loss of Audio Quality and that Bluetooth Speakers don’t sound great.

But Bowen & Wilkins is a company that is celebrated in Audiophile Circles, and it has stepped into making Bluetooth Speakers. It didn’t just throw in some parts and call it a day, it actually put in some effort to make its Bluetooth Speakers actually sound good.

It has a “Micro Matrix Honeycomb” Design, which supposedly helps in reducing Vibrations and giving you better sound.

First off, a pair of 2 Inch Glass Drivers handle the middle and high frequencies, while some force-cancelling high output Bass Radiators, that  are made such that they don’t cause the speaker Body to vibrate when pumping out the low frequencies.

For those Audiophiles compaining about Bluetooth causing loss in Audio Quality, this support aptX Bluetooth, meaning better Bluetooth Audio.

But all this comes at a Price, as the T7 costs $350. Paying high-prices is pretty usual for Audiophiles, but for the rest of us, a Pulse or any other Bluetooth Speaker will suffice. What about you? Is the T7 enough to satisfy the Audiophile within you?



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