Amazon brings in a Chromecast Competitor: The Fire TV Stick, and you can get it for $20

Amazon Fire TV Stick fires straight at Google Chromecast

Google’s Chromecast is an amazing little Device, and it is dirt-cheap at $35. You can send Media to it from all your Devices, stream Videos and also mirror the screen of your Android Device.

It turned out to be pretty successful, as for $35, it was packed with features. Soon other Streaming Sticks appeared on the Market, and now it seems Amazon too is bringing out its own Streaming Stick.

It is called the Amazon Fire TV Stick, and it is pretty similar to the Chromecast. It is a small pendrive-shaped Device that plugs into your TV’s HDMI port.

You can stream Videos, fling content from your Devices to the Fire TV, and if you have a Fire OS Device or any Android Device, you can mirror your Screen on your TV.

It is different from the Chromecast in that you can play Games  on it. Of course, you will need to splurge on the $40 Controller for that.

Its internals are pretty beefy for the Price, and it beats the Chromecast and the Roku Streaming Stick by a mile. It has a 1 Ghz Dual Core Processor along with 1GB of RAM and 8GB in-built Storage.

You get a remote-control with the Fire Stick, and no it doesn’t have built in Voice-Control like the one in the Fire TV. But if you do want a TV Remote with Voice Control, you need to spend $30.

Coming to the Price, it costs only $40. But if you are in the US, and are an Amazon Prime member, you can get it for only $20 for the next two days.

What do you think of the Fire TV Stick? Has it thrown the Chromecast out of the water? Are you going to buy it?


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