Microsoft announces the Microsoft Band: A Universal Wearable

The Wearable Market has been getting heated up lately: It began with a few Startups, such as Pebble, and now has grown into a market where bigwigs like Apple and Google are competing.

It seems Microsoft wants to join too, thus completing the Big Three in the Wearable Market, as Microsoft has announced the Microsoft  Band.

It has a flexible Plastic Body which is soft to touch, with a 1.4 Inch Screen of 340x106px Resolution. It has a tile-based UI akin to Windows Phone.

It has an array of sensors, 10 to be exact. It includes GPS, Heart Rate Monitor, UV Sensor, Galvanic Skin Response Sensor, etc. With this array of sensors, the Fitness Band can track your every move throughout the day.

At the end of the day, all the data is synced with the new Microsoft Health, which aims to collect all the fitness Data in the world. This means that Microsoft Health works on almost every platform (iOS, Android and Windows Phone) and also is compatible with  data from other Fitness Trackers, such as the Jawbone Up. Microsoft is also partnering with Apps to import Data from them. Microsoft wants Microsoft Health to become THE Database for Health Data.

The Fitness Band can also receive notifications from your Smartphone: Reminders, Messages, Email, Twitter, Facebook, etc. You can also access Cortana from your Wrist.

It runs on all the major Platforms: iOS, Android and Windows Phone, thus perhaps making it the first universal Fitness Trackers, and also one of the very few Fitness Trackers for Windows Phone.

The Microsoft Fitness Band will be available from today if you are in the US, and will cost you $199. It seems to be pretty great, and it is a great step by Microsoft to make it platform-agnostic.

Microsoft Health also looks to be pretty impressive, and by allowing other fitness trackers on other platforms to hand in their Data, perhaps Microsoft may achieve their vision for Microsoft Health.

What do you think of the Microsoft Fitness Band? Do you think Microsoft Health will succeed in its mission?


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