Facebook announces a TOR Link to the Site for those who want to use it anonymously

Saying that Facebook has a bad reputation would be an understatement. Many have accused the Social Network of sharing User Data with the NSA, and also the issue of Facebook following you around even when you are logged out.

Many Deleted Stuff weren’t actually Deleted. Facebook has been looking to improve its Image, and so over the last few months has tightened encryption, improved Security, and informed users of Privacy Settings.

Now, it is going to do the biggest change it has ever done; A huge milestone: It is going to introduce a TOR Link to the Social Network. TOR is a Protocol/Software Package which allows you to browse anoynmously, by bouncing data between multiple Computes, thus effectively keeping you anonymous.

Although you could access the Site’s .com Address, it was a broken site. WIth the new .onion Address specifically for TOR Users, it is much better.

The Link is:¬†https://facebookcorewwwi.onion/. Go ahead, paste it into your TOR Browser and exchange Nuclear Secrets over Facebook…

What do you think of Facebook’s decision to offer a TOR Link? Do you think it will keep you anonymous?


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