Report: Google has a an AirDrop Competitor called Copresence, and it is Cross-Platform

AirPlay and AirDrop are now core-parts of iOS, and make it really convenient to interact between devices. iOS Devices specifically, as due to Apple’s locked-down OS, these admittedly-convenient Features are limited to Devices made by Apple.

Google somewhat tackled AirPlay with Chromecast, and now it seems to be getting ready to tackle AirDrop with its own Competing Standard, called Copresence, according to reports by Android Police.

Earlier in June, a feature called Nearby was detailed in a report, and as per the report, it alerted “people, places, and things” of nearby users. Someone discovered an advanced version of it in the latest Google Play Services APK.

It looks like the feature can be used to send Photo, Video, Music, Contacts, Directions, etc to another Device. It is cross-platform too, unlike AirPlay.

As Android Police explains its workings:

To authenticate with one another, the two devices would apparently be able to use location information or Bluetooth, perhaps along with a functionality similar to “whisper,” the ultrasonic authentication methodGoogle has used for the Chromecast to allow devices to connect from different networks. Actual information would be transferred using Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi direct”

This new Feature could arrive in the coming weeks. It could be a huge gain for Android, as users have been clamoring for such a feature for a long time.

What do you think of Copresence?




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