LG unveils a new Screen with (almost) no Bezels

The latest trend in Smartphone Design seems to be thinning Bezels. LG did an impressive job with the G3, but soon other manufacturers followed suit and unveiled even thinner bezels. There is the SHARP Aquos Crystal, which has almost no bezels at all.

Now LG  is back with even more smaller Bezels. LG’s new Screen is a 5.3 Inch 1080p one, with extremely thin bezels. Infact, at 0.7 mm, they are almost invisible, and are the thinnest Bezels in the Market. LG managed to do this with “Neo Edge” Tech,

The Screen’s Backlight and the circuitry are glued together, instead of being taped, like they are in other Smartphones. We are still worried about the fragility of such screens, as Screens with thinner Bezels are more prone to cracks.

We will probably be seeing such Screens in future LG Smartphones. Brace yourselves, we are going into a Bezel-free Future.

What do you think of LG’s new Screen? Do you think it is more susceptible to pressure?



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