Samsung announces the A3 and the A5: Its thinnest Phones yet

Samsung is currently at the top of the Android Manufacturers Foodchain, but its position is being threatened as its revenues drop and new competitors enter the arena (Looking at you, Xiaomi).

One of the main reasons for this decline is because Samsung’s Flagships don’t sport premium Designs. They are made from cheap Plastic, which is an oddity among the primarily Metal and Glass Construction in Modern Flagships.

Samsung recently announced its first Metal Phone, the Galaxy Alpha, and is following down the same road with the A3 and the A5, which are its thinnest Phones yet at 6.9mm and 6.7mm respectively.

The A5 has a 5 Inch HD Screen,  a 1.2 Ghz Quad-Core processor, 2 gigs of RAM, a 5MP Front Camera and a 13MP Rear Camera. The A3 has a smaller 4.5 Inch qHD Screen, a 1.2 GHz Quad-Core Processor with 1GB of RAM, a 8MP Back and a 5MP Front Camera.

Both have an Internal Storage of 16GB, expandable to upto 64GB via MicroSD Card. Both run Android 4.4.

It will launch is select Markets in November. Information on Price hasn’t been disclosed.

It is interesting to see Samsung transition into Metal Smartphones. Although the Metal Options are currently only Mid-End, we reckon that the Metal Design will soon trickle into high-end Flagships soon.

What’s your opinion on the A3 and the A5? Do you like the new Samsung?



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