Opera brings Video-Compression to Opera Mini 9: Less Loading Times, More Savings

Data Plans are expensive these days, and so when we are out and about and out of reach of a WiFi Network, we have to make sure to use our assigned Data Package Economically.

Opera’s Opera Mini Browser helps a great deal with that, and promises upto 90% less Data Usage. It sends the destination to a Server and the Server compresses the Data and sends them to you, so you would have to pull down less Data, meaning faster loading times and less Data usage.

With Opera Mini 9 for iOS, the compression Feature is coming to Videos. This means that you can now play videos on the Opera Mini Browser, and they will load much faster while taking less of a toll on your Data Allowance.

If you are on Android, fret not, as the latest Update will be coming your way soon. If you are really eager to try it out, you can grab an unfinished version from the Beta Channel.

What do you think of Opera’s Latest Update?


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