Amazon announces the Echo: A Crazy AI in a Speaker that might just Work

In the technology world nowadays, everything is leaked before it is revealed. Every detail of the new Device, sometimes even Images are leaked days, weeks and even months before the Device is unveiled.

Very rarely do companies take us by surprise, and this is one such moment.

Out of the blue, with no hints whatsoever, Amazon has announced Echo: A Speaker, with an AI Assistant trapped inside. Think Siri, only in a Speaker.

It has no inbuilt Battery, and is meant to be plugged in and not disturbed.

It’s like having a person in your Home. You can ask it questions, set alarms and also ask it to Play some songs. It is pretty nifty, really.By default, you begin every command with ‘Okay, Alexa”. You can change it if you wish to.

It has seven  Microphones for it to listen to your commands, which means that it probably is pretty accurate. It can pick up your commands even when you are playing Music.

You can either play Music through Bluetooth or stream from online services.

It is compatible with all Devices, but there is an App only for Android and Fire OS. An iOS App is in the works, but till then, you have to use the Web  Interface.

It will cost $199, and if you are a Prime Member, you can grab it at $99, which is pretty cheap for a Speaker. It will ship in the coming weeks.

It is an interesting concept, and is probably Amazon’s most innovative Product in recent times. There’s nothing else like it on the Market, and if Amazon plays its cards right and implements the idea perfectly, this could well take off.

What do you think of the Amazon Echo? Do you think it is an interesting idea?



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