The Onyx is here: A Star Trek-esque Communicator

Science-Fiction Books and Movies have accurately predicted the gadgets we are using now. Tablets, Smartphones, GPS, etc were predicted by Sci-Fi Books and Movies.

One particularly famous Sci-FI Movie, Star Trek, has many interesting Technological Concepts, but only a few have been realized.

The OnBeep Onyx is here, and it is a Star Trek-esque Communicator that you attach to your Clothes. You communicate to other Onyx Devices over the Internet, meaning global operability and none of the radio Static.

It pairs with your Smartphone via Bluetooth, and once set up, you can connect with other Onyx Users using your Smartphone’s Data Connection.

It has a built-in Speaker, but you can also use Bluetooth Headphones. Onyx is supposed to make group Chats more seamless, and overall better than current options.

It will cost $99, and is shipping soon.

The Onyx looks to be an interesting concept, but people call each other very rarely nowadays. Can the simplicity of the Onyx win over? What do you think?



What are your Thoughts? Speak your Mind!

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