It’s Heating Up: Google Project Ara gets a Competitor that promises Software Updates for 4 Years

Google’s Project Ara is an interesting Concept. If executed right, it could change the entire landscape of Smartphones. The buying Model will change drastically, and instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a new Smartphone, users will buy individual Upgrades which they need.

But for any new idea to take off, there must be competition, and that is just what  Vsenn, a company headed by a former Nokia X Project Manager is giving.

Vsenn has a Modular Smartphone. It isn’t fully modular yet, with only the Processor, RAM, Battery and the Camera are modularised and can be swapped out.

It will run Stock Android with guaranteed updates for the next 4 years, which is quite something as even the Nexus Line of Devices get updates officially for upto 2 years.

It will feature triple-layer encryption and free access to a VPN Service, making it pretty secure.

More details about this Phone would be revealed later. It is interesting to have some competition here, as it means that manufacturers would try to one up the other with better features, and the prices of Modules too will come down.

What do you think of Vsenn entering the Modular Smartphone market?




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