Microsoft ditches the Nokia Branding with its latest Phone

Microsoft completed its acquisition of Nokia some months ago, and now the effects are showing.

Many rumors pointed to a new Lumia Device, which would be the first to ditch the Nokia Branding. It is finally here, and is called the Lumia 535.

It has a 5 Inch Screen with qHD Resolution, which isn’t really stellar (Or perhaps not even acceptable in today’s world of HD and Full HD Screens).

Underneath is a 1.2 Ghz Quad-Core Processor paired with 1GB of RAM, a step up from the low-end Windows Phone Smartphones with only 512MB of RAM.

It will be running Windows 8.1, with Microsoft Office, Cortana, OneNote, etc preinstalled.

It will release later in November for 110 Euros ($136 Approximately) in Asia, and then expanding to other Markets. Microsoft seems to be content with targeting with the low-end and the mid-end Market for now, as it is able to offer a more compelling experience at these prices. Microsoft isn’t able to compete well in the high-end Segment.

What do you think of the Nokia 535? Do you think Microsoft’s push at the lower-ends of the Market could pay off?


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