Leak: Android Lollipop for Wearables brings a Ton of New Features

Google had announced Android Lollipop (Formerly known as Android L) at Google I/O 2014. It brought about the biggest changes to the Operating System till date.

It recently started appearing on the Market, with devices like the Nexus 6 and the Nexus 9. Now, it is hitting more devices day by day.

But now, Google has Android running on everything, and all these Devices too will get the Lollipop treatment. This means that Android Wear too will be updated to Lollipop, with several similar features.

As reported by Phandroid, the new Update gives the OS a Material Design touch here and there, but it isn’t too drastic as the Android Wear OS more or less conformed to Material Design guidelines.

Next up is a way to monitor Storage and Battery life. There is also a new Watchface API which allows much greater flexibillity for creating Watchfaces. Watchfaces can now display the weather too.

If you accidently swipe away a Card, you can bring it back now by swiping up. If you pull down from the top, a new Menu Appears with Theater Mode and Sunlight Mode toggles. One mutes the Notifications and dims the screen, and the other maxes out the Brightness.

The previous Update added support for Onboard Music Support, GPS Support and more.

Phandroid expects it to release in early December. What do you think of the latest Android Wear Update? Is it worth it now to buy a Smartwatch?



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