The Project Tango Tablet hits Google Play, but you can’t buy it just yet

Google Project Tango is the vision of a Mobile Device, with help from an array of sensors and cameras, is aware of its surroundings. It can lead to some pretty awesome uses, such as Indoor Mapping, helping the Blind to navigate, etc.

Originally, Project Tango consisted of only a Phone, but that soon expanded to consist of a Project Tango Tablet.

Now it seems that Project Tango Devices will be up for buying soon, as the Project Tango Tablet has hit Google Play. The listing is for a developer-kit of the Project, but you can’t buy it just yet.

We suspect that Google is about to open up buying very soon. The price hasn’t yet been listed, but many estimate it to be more than $1000, which is pretty steep for most of us. Once a Consumer Version releases, we may expect lower prices.

What do you think of Project Tango? Is it intriguing, and in what possible situations may Project Tango be useful?


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