Relive your childhood: You can now run Playstation Games on your Watch

It has been a few months since Android Wear was unveiled, and already we are seeing some interesting Application Concepts.

Android Wear was originally intended to just show you Google Now Cards and Actionable Notifications, but as it is running Android underneath, developers could easily do whatever they wanted.

We have already seen Minecraft, Windows 95 and DOOM on Android Wear, which are all very impressive. And now, another YouTuber has managed to run a Playstation Emulator on Android Wear.

Apparently, he has somehow gotten the ePSXe emulator to work on his wrist.

Imagine. Metal Gear Solid. On your Wrist. Anywhere. You can sneak in a game anywhere you want. Sure, that small screen and lack of any physical controls other than a Touchscreen is a hindrance, but still. You got a 20 year old Console on your Wrist. That’s how far we have come.

So, what do you think? Impressed yet?




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