Samsung announces a new SimBand Wearable: A Fitness-Focused Gear S

Earlier this year, Samsung had announced the Simband, which was a wearable Band for collecting all the information about your body, and sending it to the SAMI Cloud Platform for analyzing.

Now, Samsung has announced the seconf revision to the Simband Concept, and this one is modelled after the Galaxy Gear S. Imagine a Galaxy Gear S, but with various Sensors for collecting data about your body. These sensors are modular and can be hot-swapped for other sensors.

Samsung has opened up the platform for a public Beta, and the SDK and the Wearable itself is available for those developers who are interested.

This is not a consumer product, at least for now. After Samsung refines the Design, the Platform and gets more Applications leveraging the data, it will release a Consumer Versoion.

So, what do you think? Can the Simband shake up the market? Will Samsung be able to hold its own against competing fitness platforms from Apple, Google and Microsoft?



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