Google lands a deal with Australia’s biggest Carrier for testing its Project Loon Balloons

The internet has completed only its first phase of penetration. Most of the West is now enjoying the benefits of a global connected network, but countries in Asia and other Areas are yet to come online.

Growth has been slowing in the West, so companies have been looking to tap into an untapped market. Billions of people don’t have access to the Internet, and companies like Facebook and Google are doing something about it.

While Facebook has drones and lasers, Google’s plan is to beam down Internet from free floating Balloons.

Google has already begun testing on these Balloons and will soon begin testing in Australia, where it has landed a deal with Australia’s biggest Carrier, Telstra, for beaming down Internet from twenty Balloons launched across Western Queensland.

After Google has successfully tested and refined Project Loon, we may see it commercially launching in countries like Africa and India, where it will partner with carriers to provide cheap Internet by beaming from these Balloons.

What do you think of Project Loon? Is it amazing, or is it too ambitious?


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