Jolla is making a Tablet, and you can decide what Features it would have

Jolla is a small Startup comprising of many former Nokia Employees who had worked on Meego. Jolla is working on Sailfish OS, which is designed to take forward what Meego started

Jolla had unveiled a Sailfish OS Phone earlier, and now it is announcing a Crowdfunding Campaign for a Tablet running Sailfish OS. It had set a funding goal of $385,000, but smashed through the goal in two hours, which is extremely impressive.

The Jolla Tablet has a 7.9 Inch 2048×1536 Pixel Screen, a 1.8 Ghz quad-Core Intel Processor, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of Storage. It also has a 5MP Rear Camera, and a Battery Capacity of 4320mAh.

It runs Sailfish OS, and can also run Android Apps. Sailfish OS also has a better implementation of Multitasking. So much better, that Jolla claims it is better than any other Multitasking Implementation in the world.

And now, here is the exciting part: You can decide what features the Tablet will sport. You give suggestions on what to include in a Tablet and people vote on your suggestion. Jolla will include Features from suggestions which have the most votes.

The first 1000 Backers got the Tablet for a cheap $189, and the next 1000 got it for $199. The final retail Price of the Tablet will be


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