Your dreams of blowing stuff up with your watch are finally going to come true

Science-Fiction Books, Comics and Movies have predicted what we are going to be using in the future surprisingly accurately. The Smartphone, the Tablet, GPS, etc, all existed in Science Fiction Movies, Books, etc before they were actually invented.

We all wish for our Sci-Fi Dreams to come true. While we may not be getting The Enterprise just yet, we can now fulfill our fantasies of being a Bond-esque Spy.

Patrick Priebe has created a Watch, named LaserWatch, which can emit a powerful Laser. At 1500 milliwats, it cannot melt through Metal just yet, but it can be used to melt duct tape,pop Balloons, among other things.


It lasts for only 10-15 minutes on a Charge, but it is a pretty cool concept. Patrick reckons that if makes more of these, he will sell these for around $300.

What do you think of the LaserWatch?



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