Samsung announces the EYECAN+: Control your Computer using your Eyes

Samsung's Eye Mouse Lets the Disabled Use Computers More Easily

The Keyboard and Mouse are among the most recognizable components of a computer, but they are also one of the oldest. Inputting information into a Computer hasn’t changed much in decades.

Touchscreens are impractical for PCs, and so we are looking at other methods for controlling a PC. We have the Leap, which is a small Motion Sensor that allows you to control the PC by waving in front of it.

Samsung too is working on new input methods, and so has announced the EYECAN+, which is the second iteration of Samsung’s implementation to control PCs using your eyes.

The EYECAN+ is special in that unlike other eye-tracking equipment, it doesn’t need the user to strap on any equipment. It is a small box that is placed in front of the PC for tracking the user’s eyes.

You need to calibrate it once, and then you would be able to use it. For selecting something, you need to look at its icon and blink once.

Samsung is planning to open-source its Concept, to speed up development, as others could adapt its concepts, improve upon them and bring products to the market quicker. Samsung is also donating some to charities for the disabled.

What do you think? Will Eye-Tracking catch on?


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