Report: Google Glass is getting a HUGE Hardware Update


With many key people involved in the development of Google Glass leaving the company, and many developers halting development on Google Glass Apps, many labelled the wearable Headset as dead.

But it seems Google still isn’t ready to give up, and according to the Wall Street Journal, Google has a new version of Glass under cover to be unveiled in 2015.

Instead of the ancient Texas Instruments Processor used in the current Glass Models, the new Glass may pack in an Intel Processor, thus increasing performance, battery efficiency and software compatibility.

Google Glass currently has abysmal Battery Life, and the current Kitkat Version of Glass’ OS is extremely buggy, so a new processor could fix both of these problems.

Not much more is known about the next Glass Hardware Update. What do you think? Will the improvements be able to enable people to look over the privacy concerns?


What are your Thoughts? Speak your Mind!

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