Amazon unveils its own Line of Household Goods, including Diapers

Amazon already controls the Online Shopping Space, and it wants to expand further.

It is evidently not content with offering its own eReaders, Tablets and even Groceries, and wants to venture into Household Goods. Amazon has announced that it will be launching its own line of popular Household goods, named Amazon Elements, and it is using Diapers to kickstart the initiative,

Yes, Amazon, the multinational behemoth is trying to get under your Baby’s Poop.

Not only diapers, but other household Products too will be sold by Amazon. Currently, Amazon sells these Products. But Amazon Elements is different in that everything is much more integrated.

You can get detailed information such as expiry dates while shopping online, which you can’t without Amazon Elements, You can also get information on the materials used, and where they are sourced from.

You will find products under Amazon Elements to be cheaper than their physical counterparts.

Amazon Elements is only available to Prime Subscribers. So, what do you think of Amazon’s Venture into Household Items? What does it mean for competing brands?


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