Samsung Gear VR: Smartphone for Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is here: Samsung’s Gear VR goes on Sale


Virtual Reality is gearing up to be the next big thing, and Oculus is leading the charge with its VR Headset that both started the revolution and is leading the revolution.

While the Oculus Rift won’t release to the Public just yet, Samsung is ready to launch its VR Headset that it built with Oculus: The Gear VR. It is a Headset in which you put in your Phone (Specifically the Note 4), and then wear it to get the Virtual Reality experience.

Samsung says that the Gear VR has moved past the Prototype Stage, but has not yet reached the Consumer Release Stage. Yes, anyone may buy the Gear VR, and using it does not require you to be a Developer, but due to it being an early version that may be riddled with bugs, it is primarily suited for Developers and Early Adopters.

It is going on sale today for $199, which adds up on top of the expenses you pay for the Galaxy Note 4. The Gear VR currently works only with the Note 4, so if you have any other phone, then no dice.

So what do you think? Are you buying the Gear VR Headset? Does the future of Virtual Reality seem bright?



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