Microsoft catches up: Xbox One sells more than the PS4 for the first time

For months, the Console Wars had been tipped firmly in Sony’s favour, with the PS4 consistently achieving much higher Sales than the Xbox One globally.

But Microsoft noticed the situation and responded aggressively, unbundling the Kinect and bringing the price of the Xbox One on par with the PS4. It then announced some great exclusives, and during Black Friday, it was priced cheaper than the PS4.

It seems these tactics were working, as Microsoft claims that NPD Data shows that the Xbox One is selling more than the PS4, both in the US and the UK.

We don’t know the exact numbers, but many are pegging the Xbox One sales numbers to be 1.2 Million, and the PS4’s Sales Numbers being 800,000, pushing the Xbox One ahead by quite a margin.

This is great news for Microsoft, as initially, it seemed that the entirety of the Console Wars would be spent in this way, with the PS4 firmly in the lead, and the Xbox One still trying to recover due to bad decisions.

What do you think of the Xbox One outselling the PS4?



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