The Pebble Smartwatch just got a lot more Smarter with Actionable Notifications

The Pebble was one of the first Smartwatches, and was really the one which reinvigorated our interest in Smartwatches.

It was the first actually usable Smartwatch, with its comfortable Design and long Battery life.

But now, with Android Wear Smartwatches popping up, the two-year old Pebble seems a bit long in the tooth. Pebble hasn’t yet announced a Hardware Update, but has released a couple of Software Updates to help bring the Pebble upto speed.

Recently, an update was released for the Pebble, enabling it to receive all Push-Notifications. Pebble has announced a Software Update, which builds on this.

Currently Pebble Notifications are just that: Notifications. You can view them, but can’t do anything with them without taking out your Smartphone. But now, with the new Update, you can get Actionable Notifications, meaning that you can perform Actions such as Archiving that Email, without ever taking out your Smartphone.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you will be able to do everything you do on a Smartphone: You would only be able to get Actionable Notifications if the Developers has coded in Support, and you will be able to perform only some Actions on your Wrist.

However, if the Application supports Actionable Notifications for Android Wear, then Pebble will be able to receive them.

The feature is still in the Beta Channel, which is open for anybody to  install (But it will be a bit buggy). It will move into the Stable Build soon.

What do you think? Is the Pebble able to hold its own against Android Wear? Is there still a place for a Smartwatch with a Black and White Screen and stellar Battery Life?


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