Blackberry is working with Boeing to bring the James Bond-esque Self Destructing Phone to Life

BlackBerry Is Now Helping Boeing Build a Self-Destructing Phone

Blackberry has been struggling in the Consumer Market, and so as a part of its new Remodelling Push, it is focusing mainly on Enterprises, where its excellent Keyboards, tight Security and stable Applications are in high-demand.

Looks like Blackberry has snagged another feather in its Corporate Hat, as it has announced in an Earnings Call that it is working with Boeing to bring that Self-Destructing Smartphone to life.

Well, it is not Self-Destructing per-se, as it only destroys Data, not the Phone itself . Not much detail is known beyond this point.

It is mainly for Government Agencies who would want a secure Phone at hand.

What do you think of the Black Phone? Would Blackberry’s new Enterprise Strategy be successful?


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