LG and Mercedes team up to shape the future of Cars

Self-Driving Cars have for long been a pipe dream, until recently. Companies like Google had started researching into Self-Driving Cars, and had refined their prototypes enough that one could be assured of their safety.

Now, Mercedes and LG are teaming up to shape the future of Cars. An improved implementation of LG’s ADAS (Advanced Drive Assistance System) will be used, where cameras and algorithms will be used in tandem so that the Car can do small things like dim headlights, break automatically, etc.

LG’s Hardware and Software will be used to make the Car aware of its surrounding environment, and enable it to adapt to it. It can also check how drowsy the driver is, to prevent any accidents from him/her falling asleep.

LG will also be bringing its home-entertainment technology to Cars, so you can expect the currently terrible in-car infotainment System to be replaced by something which is a huge improvement.

For all this, Mercedes will be licensing a part of its 6D Vision Technology so that LG can improve further.

LG and Mercedes will demonstrate their work at CES 2015, which is only a few days away. It isn’t yet ready for consumers, and it may take some years before it is all refined enough to appear on roads.

What do you think? Will the LG-Mercedes collaboration be successful?


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