ASUS is working on its next Smartwatch: Making calls straight from your Wrist

ASUS ZenWatch-03

ASUS is currently busy launching its Zenwatch in various regions around the world. The Zenwatch has been praised by reviewers for its elegant Design and nifty features, while still maintaining a low price.

ASUS’ CEO revealed what the company has been working on at the Taiwanese Launch of the Zenwatch. ASUS is already working on the second generation of the Zenwatch, which is only three months in.

The next Zenwatch will have speakers, which will be a first for an Android Wear Smartwatch. This also means that you would be able to place and receive calls right from your wrist, though you would look a bit odd in public trying to shout to your wrist.

It seems ASUS is targeting Samsung’s Galaxy Gear S, which is a standalone Wearable, i.e it does not require a Smartphone to function.

It would release in Q3 2015. What do you think? Is Calling an important feature in a Wearable?


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