Report: Microsoft is making a completely new Browser, named Spartan

Though Internet Explorer dominated in the early years of the Internet, it was soon eclipsed by new and improved browsers which had quickly gobbled away its Market Share.

Its ancient Design, slow loading times, insecure environment and it having less features than the competition lead to people switching to other browsers and further cementing Internet Explorer’s bad reputation.

With Windows 10, Microsoft has a chance to improve everything. it has a chance to innovate, and change everything again. This includes the Browser.

According to ZDNet, Microsoft is building a completely new Browser, codenamed Spartan, to replace Internet Explorer. Why didn’t they just package the new features in IE 12 and call it a day?

The social stigma around the Internet Explorer Brand means that no matter how much the new version innovates, it is doomed from the start. Like the Microsoft Team revealed in an AMA, the only way to do things would be to dissociate from the Internet Explorer Brand.

This is precisely what Microsoft would be doing with Spartan. It will still bundle Internet Explorer along with Spartan in Windows 10, for compatibility’s sake.

It seems Spartan will run on the same Javascript Engine and the same Rendering Engine that Internet Explorer does.

It will, though, be faster, and would have a better UI than Internet Explorer.

Spartan will finally support Extensions, which is a first for a Microsoft Browser, but otherwise, Spartan is late to the party with Firefox and Chrome already supporting extensions for what seems like ages now.

It seems Spartan will be cross-platform, as has been the trend for all Microsoft Software nowadays.

We may see Spartan popping up in future revisions of the Windows 10 Technical Preview, which anyone can download and install. What do you think? Is dissociating from IE the only way to go? Will Spartan be able to grab back the Market Share that Internet Explorer lost?


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