LG announces a kickass 34 Inch Curved 4K Display, which provides a Gaming Experience like no other


In a few days, CES will take place, and there all manufacturers will announce their latest and greatest. One thing that you see every year at CES, is Displays.

Displays have been so much interwined with CES that they have almost become a tradition: No CES is complete without a Display Revolution of some sort.

Looks like this year won’t disappoint, with LG already teasing its CES Displays.

LG has announced a 34 Inch 4K Display, which has a 21:9 Curved Screen for a more cinematic Experience. This mammoth Screen, combined with AMD’s Freesync Technology, will provide you a Gaming Experience like no other.

In fact, LG is claiming it is the first time such Technology is being applied on such a large scale.

LG UltraWide monitor

The 34UM67 also has some nifty Black Stabilizer technology working to illuminate dark scenes, and then there is the Dynamic Active Sync Wizardry to reduce Input Lag, ensuring that your Games respond fast, while not skipping a frame, thus making way for the smoothest Gaming experience.

Not a gamer? No worries, as LG has other Display Goodies stashed away for you. The 31MU97 has a 4096×2160 Resolution and can display 99.5% of the Adobe Color Space. In other words, with such sharpness and color Accuracy, the 31UM97 is perfect for those who work with Images.

We don’t know Details such as Price, but we will surely know them at CES, where LG will showcase these Monitors in all their glory. So what do you think? Is your Gaming Setup ready for an upgrade?



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