LG announces the G Flex 2: The first good Curved Smartphone

Innovation in Smartphones has stagnated a bit, and Companies are looking for ways to innovate in Smartphones. In the past two years, Flexible Screens started to appear in consumer Products for the first time.

These Smartphones had a curved Screen, but a fixed Body due to the non-flexible elements such as the Body, the Battery, etc.

The LG G Flex was one of the first Curved Smartphones, but it wasn’t received well due to its ridiculous size at 6 Inches and also because the curve was a bit too prominent to be comfortable.

Now, LG is back for a second take, and has announced the G Flex 2 at CES 2015. It is much smaller, at 5.5 Inches, and also has  a subtler curve.

It has a 5.5 Inch Display with a 1080p Resolution, which is much better than the mess that was the 6 Inch 720p Display.

LG has chemically strengthened the already strong Gorilla Glass 3, and this combined with its self-healing Back and Curved Screen, means that the G Flex 2 is one tough Smartphone that won’t break down after a fall.

Indeed, LG has upgraded the Back, which is Plastic, but now has better Self-Healing Capabilities and can heal faster. For the uninitiated, the Self-Healing Back means that due to some clever wizardry, small Scratches will disappear within seconds.

Underneath is a quad-core Snapdragon Processor along with 2GB/3GB of RAM (You get to pick the amount) and 16/32GB Storage (Expandable via MicroSD Card).

It has a 13MP Camera with Laser Autofocus and OIS (Optical Image Stabilization). It has the usual Radios LTE, Bluetooth, WiFi ac and NFC. It runs the latest version of Android, which is Android Lollipop. Everything is powered by a fairly beefy 3000mAH Battery.

Now for the elephant in the room. Why would you want a Curved Screen? What improvements does it bring? Well, we don’t have a definitive Answer for that. A Curved Screen supposedly makes the Phone more durable and makes watching Movies more immersive. It also supposedly reduces Reflections, so there’s that.

It will launch in Korea first for an unannounced Price, and will soon launch in other Countries? What do you think? Is the Curved Screen enough to win you over?


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