Report: Apple has a new Macbook Air under wraps, one which is mindblowingly thin and light

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For years, the Macbook Air used to be the best Laptop for those on the go. In recent years, it has been surpassed by Windows Laptops, and although it remains an excellent Laptop, it is no longer the best.Users have been clamoring for a radical change to the Macbook Air, and it seems Apple is working on the answer. According to a report by 9to5Mac, Apple has been working on a revamped Macbook Air, one which is thinner and lighter than anything we have ever seen.

When placed next to the current Air, it is almost half the thickness of the Current Air.

ProfileCompare copy

[All Images are renders]

How did Apple manage to do this? Well, first off Apple stepped down in Display size from 13 Inches to 12 Inches and shaved off the Bezels.

The Keyboard is now touching the edges and the space between the Keys has been reduced,  no wasted space. The click Ability in the Touchpad itself has been removed for further shedding off thickness.

Also, the new Macbook Air has very few ports: Only Two, in fact. One is a 3.5mm Audio Jack, and the other is a USB Type-C Port, as going with a full-size USB or Thunderbolt Port will hamper Apple’s mission of slimming down the mission as much as possible.

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USB Type-C is the logical Successor to USB 3.0, and has many new features, among which is the ability to output to displays.

It will probably be announced at WWDC, which occurs in June, and will be released soon after that. We don’t know any other Details on the Internals of the Device, but we believe it may have a Broadwell Processor along with a Retina Display.

This is one of the Macbook’s biggest changes till date, and the improved Portability is definitely welcome, but the lack of ports is a bit disheartening. We can always connect a USB Hub, but that’s a bit of a hassle, but something has to be sacrificed for that thinness.

So what do you think? Does the thinner body make up for the lack of ports?

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