LG is making a new Smartwatch, and it runs WebOS

Last year Google announced Android Wear, which finally brought some stability in the Wearables Market, which was then an nightmare of islands with different ecosystems and horrible Hardware (Excepting the Pebble, of course).

The first Android Wear Smartwatches were excellent software-wise, but the Hardware was bland: Not bad, not good, but bland. The next set of Wearables, the G Watch R and the Moto 360 were one of the first Wearables that you would actually like to put on.

In the weeks leading up to CES, it was rumored that LG will be announcing a new Smartwatch, and at CES, an Audi Demonstrator was spotted wearing a new LG Smartwatch.

While LG hasn’t officially announced it, it was obvious that the Smartwatch is a different one from LG’s current lineup. Android Central tracked down the man wearing it, and found out that it is indeed a new Smartwatch, albeit one we didn’t expect: A WebOS Wearable.

We knew a WebOS Smartwatch was coming, but we didn’t expect it to come so soon.

Android Central describes the Smartwatch as essentially the same by shape as the LG G Watch R, but is made from more premium Materials like Steel and Sapphire.

After swiping around an early build of WebOS, they found that it also has a built-in Cellular Radio, a feature missing from Android Wear Wearables.

It has all Android Wear functions such as Calendars, Music, Email, Navigation, etc and even goes further with the ability to call using the Dialer.

Indeed, Android Central and The Verge were surprised by the fluidity and maturity of the OS at this point of time.

Now that we know about LG’s new Smartwatch, an announcement may be just around the Corner. With LG’s WebOS looking and performing great on its TVs, and this WebOS Wearable in the pipeline, looks like WebOS is making the comeback is deserves.

What do you think? Ready for some WebOS nostalgia?




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