Blocks Wearables is making the world’s first Modular Smartwatch

This Modular Smartwatch Could Have As Many Days Of Battery As You Want

Wearables are exciting, but most of them currently offer terrible Battery Life. Blocks Wearables, with a team which was behind the first Modular Phone Concept, is looking to solve these problems by launching a Kickstarter Campaign for Blocks, which is the world’s first Modular Smartwatch.

The idea behind Blocks is basically a LEGO Smartwatch: A Smartwatch that perfectly fits your needs. Need more Battery? Need GPS? Need Cellular Radios? Just add the modules, and you are good to go.

Its Battery Life is expected to be one day and if you are left wanting for more, you can always pop on additional 100mAh Modules.

They expect the price of the base to be $150, and the price of each Module to be anywhere between $20 to $40. And if you want a complete kit, you can have one at $330.

Phonebloks is behind the Google Project Ara Project, so its team has the chops to make this Modular Smartwatch come true. While it is exciting, it will still take some time to reach Consumers.

What do you think? Is being Modular the future?




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