Report: Microsoft’s next Browser will have advanced Features such as Cortana and Stylus Annotation

Report: Microsoft's New Browser Will Have Cortana and Stylus Annotation

To say that Internet Explorer has a bad reputation will be an understatement. Years of slow feature-lacking unsecure versions have damaged its reputation so much that Microsoft is considering to release a new Browser under a different name just so that it can escape the stigma around Internet Explorer.

As we had written earlier, Microsoft is doing just that, with Spartan, a feature-rich Browser to replace Internet Explorer. We didn’t know much about what features it had, but The Verge brings us the scoop about Microsoft’s next browser.

According to The Verge, Microsoft’s next Browser will have Cortana Support built-in. This support will be on top of the already existing Cortana support within Windows 10.

Within Spartan, Cortana will act similar to Google Now, surfacing relevant information when you need it. Without needing to go through Bing, you get the information you want as soon as you type it.

Spartan will also come with Stylus Annotation support, meaning you can take notes on a Webpage, and this will be built upon Microsoft’s OneDrive backend, so your notes can be synced across all your devices easily.

It will also have small additions such as easy ways to unclutter your Tabs and make it easy to manage multiple tabs.

Microsoft wants Spartan to be the one browser for all your Devices, across all platforms, meaning its features and looks will be similar across all Platforms. It will likely be announced soon, but Internet Explorer isn’t going away anytime soon, as IE 10 will be included with Windows 10, for compatibility’s sake.

What do you think? Are you up for an Internet Explorer Browser overhaul?




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