Google gives out more Details about Project Ara: Coming Soon, in Puerto Rico

The Best Look Yet at Google's Ara Smartphone 

Every year (or every two years) we toss away our Smartphones and buy new ones. The old ones wither away gathering dust under our drawers, while the new ones are awaiting the same fate after a few Months.

This is because Technology is moving forward faster than ever, and so we are seeing improvements in speed and efficiency within a span of a few Months, leading us to continually upgrade our Smartphones.

Google suggested a solution, called Project Ara, which is a vision for a Lego-esque Smartphone. Essentially, your Smartphone is divided into Modular Parts attaching to a Central Frame, meaning you would never have to upgrade. Just toss out the part that is old hat and plug in a new Module. As simple as that.

Now Google has given away more Details about Project Ara, namely its launch Date. Well, not its release Date per se, but its first real-world Test, as a controlled launch in Puerto Rico later this year.

That’s right, Puerto Ricans will be the first ones to get a taste of Project Ara. But don’t expect it to release worldwide anytime soon. Google still has a plethora of issues to sort through, before it becomes something even remotely close to a Consumer Product.

The Best Look Yet at Google's Ara Smartphone 

Currently, Google has to figure out an easy plug and play System for the Modules, and improving the overall Structure and OS so that nothing breaks and everything is easy.

According to Google, it is currently in Phase Two. It can connect to only WiFi and 3G right now, with 4G planned for the future.

The Best Look Yet at Google's Ara Smartphone 

Google has even released some Pictures that shed some light on the mechanisms of Project Ara.

If Google puts its might behind the Project, we might see a Release as soon as next year. It is an extremely interesting Project, and could revolutionize the Smartphone Industry if Google plays its Cards right.

What do you think? Is a Modular Smartphone the next logical Step?



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