Tony Fadell takes over Google Glass and is ending the Glass Explorer Program

Google Glass is a revolutionary Product. Having information in front of you, all the time, is just ingenious. Unfortunately for Glass, having a Camera in front of your Face creeps people out, which is why Glass had been viewed in a bad light right from the start.

Recently rumors came in that Google was considering to end the Google Glass Project, but Google today has proven them wrong by handing over the reigns of the Google Glass Project to Tony Fadell, the founder of Nest, which is a company Google acquired.

Under Fadell, Google Glass will move out of Google X and get assigned its own separate division, meaning that Google thinks that Glass has matured enough to warrant its own division

But this means that the Glass Explorer Program will have to shut down. January 19th will be the last day of the Explorer Program. Glass for Work will still be kept alive.

Tony Fadell was a part of the team that created the revolutionary iPod, so we believe his hardware expertise would greatly benefit the Google Glass Project.

What do you think? What will Tony be able to bring to the table?


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