The PS4 and the Xbox One put together to get 22 Inches of Gaming Nirvana


For decades, the Console Market has been divided into three Facades: Nintendo, Playstation and the Xbox. Someone who chooses these platforms is tied in with that Platform forever, unless they desire to rebuild their Libraries from scratch.

There have been many mods, including stuffing the guts of a PS4 into a functional Laptop. But there’s nothing matching up to the Playbox, which is the name of a 22 Inch1080p Laptop that has the guts of both the PS4 and the Xbox One.

The work has been done by master modder Eddie Zarick. The PS4 is  on the left side, and the Xbox is on the right side. Both use the same power Cable, so they can’t be powered on simultaneously to prevent overheating.

At boot, you get an option about which one you want to choose. There is also a switch for switching between the two.

The Playbox isn’t on sale yet, but expect it to be expensive, as Eddies other mods  start from  around $1400, which is pretty expensive. But considering that you are getting a portable PS4 cum Xbox One, the deal seems pretty good.

What do you think? Impressed yet?




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