Report: HTC will announce M9 with a much better Camera along with a Smartwatch

A few days ago, HTC sent everyone an invitation for HTC’s Event at Mobile World Congress. While we knew HTC was going to announce a flagship, not much was known about what exactly was going to be inside the Flagship, and also about what else HTC would announce at the event.

Bloomberg reports that HTC is going to announce its HTC One M9 Smartphone along with its first Smartwatch at the event.

It will follow along the same Design lines of the One M8, however, the innards will, of course, be updated. The back camera is thankfully not a dull 4MP Ultrapixel and is a 20MP Sensor instead. The front Camera has an Ultrapixel Sensor, where it will probably be more useful.

Underneath is an Octa-Core Snapdragon 810 Processor and will run Android Lollipop with a Sense 7 overlay.

For other details, we may have to wait it out till HTC’s official Announcement. We don’t have anything on the Smartwatch, except for the fact that it will be using Under Armor’s Software.

So what do you think? Is this the year HTC will finally strike it big?


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