Report: Apple is making a 12.9 Inch iPad Pro with a Stylus

Tablets have long been relegated to the Category of consumption devices, rather than machines for productivity. Tablets are just not made for sitting down and churning out work.

It seems many manufacturers are trying to change that stigma, including Apple. According to KGI Securities, Apple is making a 12.9 Inch Tablet which is meant to be used with a stylus.

A stylus is more accurate but less convenient that just using your finger. Apple will not bundle in the Stylusm and will instead give users an option to buy a Stylus.

The internals wouldn’t be groundbreaking, as earlier rumors suggested. It would merely be an incremental update. Whereas for the Software, there will be a lot of changes, particularly optimization for the usage of a Stylus.

The stylus would have a gyroscope Accelerometer, enabling users to use their Stylus anywhere, not just on screen. But this feature will only be unlocked later on. The stylus would charge wirelessly, as it should.

Apple will model the OS such that a Stylus would make doing things faster and easier. It is a bit ironical that Apple’s founder, Steve Jobs, vehemently opposed styluses when he launched the iPad. First came the Newton with Styluses, then came the iPad with Fingers and finally the iPad Pro with Styluses, completing the circle.

Ming Chi-Ko, who wrote the original report has an excellent track record of predicting what Apple is doing.

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