Report: The Apple Watch will face the same Battery-Life woes that others do


Early wearables were ugly and bulky and had weak Battery Life, leading them to not reach widespread adoption. The looks have been fixed with some recent Wearables such as the Moto 360, but the Battery Problem still remains at large.

Everyone looked at Apple to revolutionize the category, but it merely popped out a Wearable that wasn’t all that different from other Wearables on the Market.

We at least expected that it will correct the Battery Life Problem, but according to 9to5Mac, it misses even there.

The Apple Watch as a S1 Processor offering performance roughly equivalent to the A5 in the iPod Touch and runs a stripped down version of iOS.

With active use, it lasts for only 2-3 Hours, and with normal use it lasts for 19 Hours. It can go for upto 3 Days in Standby Mode and 4 Days in Sleep Mode. Only with the Battery Saving Mode Activated and minimal use can it last for 2-3 Days.

Perhaps this explains why Apple has been keeping the Battery Life of the Apple Watch under wraps.


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