Walmart launches its own Streaming Stick: The Vudu Drive

Vudu Spark

The Chromecast is a tiny $35 Device that can instantly turn your dumb TV into a Smart TV. It can access Streaming Services, meaning that you can view Netflix on the big screen without shelling out too much.

It can also mirror your Screen (Works better on Android), which means you can game on it too (Theoretically, the latency is a bit high).

Now, competitors are popping up, and Walmart seems to want to be one too. It has launched the Vudu Spark.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be anywhere close to the Chromecast in terms of features. You can’t access many major Streaming Services, such as Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu, etc.

There are no mirroring Capabilities, and you can’t extend its uses by using Apps, as Apps cannot run on it.

It is essentially useless, if you are not a Walmart Customer, as it can only stream from Walmart’s ¬†Streaming Service, Vudu, which has a poor selection of content.

However, it is $10 cheaper than the Chromecast at $25. You would be getting $25 worth of Movie Credits over five Months, so there’s that. We recommend that you shell out $10 more for the Chromecast, as it would offer you a much better experience. If you are a cheapskate, then you can wait for some great deals on Online Shopping Sites, where its Price gets reduced greatly.

What do you think? Ready to step into the nightmare that is Walmart’s Streaming Service?


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