Facebook launches an app for Developing Countries that is unbelievably Small


In developed Countries, fast and stable Internet is a given and is taken for granted. However, when we explore developing countries, there Internet isn’t a matter of fast and slow, and is a matter of Internet or no Internet.

Indeed, Internet connectivity is very sparse in some countries. This is why Facebook is launching an App just for the Users in these Countries, and it is called Facebook Lite. It is unbelievably small at 242KB. Notice we said KB, not MB, which is simply amazing.

Naturally, the Facebook Lite App isn’t as full featured as the Facebook App but it has some basic stuff such as Timeline and Messages.

It is based on the Facebook App for Featurephones, only with Camera and Push Notifications support.

It is designed to be used on 2G, which may seem ancient in the 4G Age, but it is the network that is widespread in developing Countries. This also means that the Facebook Lite App will use bandwidth efficiently.

It is going through a limited launch phase in these Countries: Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Zimbabwe

This is part of the giant’s series of Projects to get more people online, so that more people sign up for Facebook and so that it ultimately benefits from it. It has set up Internet.org to “get the next billion online”.

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