With its latest Announcement, Apple sets World Record in Quarter Earnings

Apple sells 10 Million iPhones in 3 Days

We all knew 2014 was going to be big for Apple. Its iPhone 6 was one of the biggest Product Launches in its history, with no other predecessor having changed the Product Line so drastically.

It was rumored for months, perhaps even years before it was officially announced, and every person not living under a rock knew about the iPhone 6, even before it was released. They didn’t know what it looked like, they didn’t know what was inside, but they knew it existed.

And that was huge, as Apple shot past sales predictions by a long way, and these sales predictions were huge enough to begin with. Apple sold over 74.5 Million iPhones, and that was way above the 51 Million Apple pushed out the year before, leading Apple to announce that it had its most profitable quarter ever, at 18 Billion Dollars Profit. Actually, scratch that, it had the most profitable Quarter for any company. Ever. It has set a world record, shooting past Gazprom (Russian Gas Company), which held the record at 16 Billion Dollars.

And that’s just the profit, Apple raked in a total of 76 Billion Dollars, which is mindblowingly large.




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