Rumor: LG’s upcoming G4 may sport a 3K Display, not that it needs one


At a time when the benefits of 2K on a Smartphone-size screen is widely disputed, MyLG claims that LG’s next flagship, the G4, will have a 3K Display, i.e it would have a resolution of 1620×2880.

We don’t know anything else about it, but we sure hope the G4 has the grunt needed to drive the power hungry display, while still having a beefy Battery to actually last through the day.


We actually hope that the rumor is not true, as you won’t even be able to perceive the resolution change at those sizes, especially when you consider the fact that the G4 supposedly has the same 5.5in size screen in the G3, which was the first Smartphone with a 2K Display.

Moreover, it would be an unnecessary draw on its Resources, and its Battery Life too may suffer. The other thing to consider is that this is just a rumor, and may not be true.

What do you think? Is a 3K Display on a Smartphone really necessary?


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